Wednesday, September 27, 2023
Banner Advertising Module Minimize


Display ad banners anywhere - even on non-Lynx Ecommerce sites –that give you great flexiblity.

  • AJAX provides fast banner rotation without page refreshing.
  • Easily assign frequency and ordering  of how ads are displayed by campaign setups.
  • Optionally restrict ad display in a location to one ad per advertiser
  • The system prevents ads in a given display module from ever being duplicated
  • Choose whether banner links open in a new window or in the existing window
  • Supports banners of any size
Supports multiple banner types
  • Image-based (upload images or point at any image url)
  • Flash
  • Text - HTML
  • Text - Script-based (Google AdSense, etc)
Robust Campaign Management
  • Advertisers you allow can login and view their campaigns, upload banners, and view their reports, but only see their own data
  • Create ad campaigns based on number of clicks, number of impressions, date ranges, or a combination thereof
  • Manage all campaigns for child portals from a single parent portal . That means you can manage ads for muptiple publications from one location.
  • Control which campaigns and/or banners are visible in any portals. For example some ads could be displayed in publication A only, while others display in publication B only, and all display in publication C. Flexible, powerful ad management.
  • Temporarily disable any campaign
Advanced Targeting Options
  • Many targeting options can be used separately or together for maximum flexibility
  • Use the Groups feature to divide your site into "zones" for easy administration
  • Allow banners from a given campaign to be displayed site-wide or targeted to specific locations
  • Create Custom Parameters that targets banners via Querystring, Session, or Cookie values
  • Target banner ads by user role – Requires Upgrade Version

Administrative Features

  • Control whether automated email notifications are sent out for new and updated campaigns
  • Optionally require banners to be approved before they are displayed on your site
  • Limit the maximum size of uploaded images
  • Customize the text of automated emails
  • Optionally restrict campaigns from using Flash and Text banners
  • View statistics based on Advertisers or specific campaigns
  • Advertisers can login to view their own reports
  • Email HTML-based reports to any recipient


Banner Advertising Module

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Screen Shots of Banner Module Minimize
Picture of advertising report screen
Find Advertiser Screen.
Advertising Reports - Advertisers can create their own too.
Edit Screen for Marketing and Technical Contacts.
First half of setup screen to setup options and email.
Second half of setup screen to setup options and email.
Campaign details for advertiser.
Create Groups to use in assigning banners to pages.

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