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A demonstration program and brochure are available for download.

  • System Requirements
  • PC with Pentium 1 Ghz processor or higher.
  • Hard disk with approximately 30 megabytes of free space for program files. In addition, an allocation of 2.5 megabytes of free space for every 1,000 subscribers (real or projected).
  • 500MB RAM.
  • Workstation OS: Microsoft Windows XP/2000/Vista.
  • Server OS: Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003 Server, Novell NetWare

Lynx Bingo was designed for publications that provide reader service for advertisers, LynxBingo allows for fast issue setups, unlimited reader service entries and flexible outputs, including exports.  Generate labels and reports that track advertising, response activity and various requests.  LynxBingo can be used as a stand alone system or can be integrated with First Edition for Windows.

Integrate with your existing First Edition or P.O.S.T. customer database.

Powerful Database
LynxBingo uses a powerful relational database to manage customers, advertisers, and prospects.  It capitalizes as your type and its 250 country database makes for perfect sorts.  LynxBingo automatically matches zip code to state and even adds province codes for Canadian names.  The optional LynxZip database adds city, state, and area code information for U.S. customers. Track phone and fax numbers as well as up to 43 user-defined demographic fields.

Multiple Publications
LynxBingo supports multiple publication titles.  Each publication can track advertisement color, size and position.  And all setup information is unique to that publication.

Fast Reader Service Number Setup
Set up an issue master for each issue you publish.  LynxBingo automatically increments bingo numbers and displays lists of advertising types, colors, and sizes.  Quickly assign any reader service number to an advertiser with a click of a mouse.

Labels and Reports
LynxBingo can generate bar coded labels that are pre-formatted for the popular Avery label family, Cheshire or label formats you define. The built-in inquiry report creates a complete listing and summary for your advertisers.  And since all updates are tracked, you have your complete history on hand if you ever need to generate labels or reports again (handy for the advertiser that accidentally loses a report).

Batch Processing
LynxBingo automatically tracks inquiries and assigns each a batch number.  Process intra-day, daily, weekly, monthly, or any frequency you choose.

If LynxBingo is not every bit as special as we say it is, simply return the software within 30 days for a full refund.

Pricing Information
For a quotation, please call 800-451-5969.

A demonstration program and brochure are available for download.  Please click here to begin.

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