Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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t’s very exciting that we have released our Ecommerce package. Before Lynx Ecommerce we only offered our web import module which does a great job of importing web orders – but we wanted more.  We wanted a system that would:
  • Allow your subscribers to review their subscription and view their status, expire date and payment status without having to call you.
  • We wanted subscribers to be able to renew their subscriptions 24/7 without taking up your customer service time.
  • We wanted subscribers to be able to make a payment for an order, even if ordered by mail or phone.
  • We wanted subscribers to be able to make their own name and address changes.
  • We also wanted donors to be able to manage their gift subscriptions, and Group Billing Masters to be able to manage their groupsincluding renewing selected subscribers as well as name and address changes.  All without your help.
  • We wanted an easy way for subscribers to report lost or stolen issues and deal with other customer service issues as well as suggest articles and communicate to the editor.
  • We wanted a way for subscribers to have “Subscriber Only” areas and downloads which can support multiple levels of membership like Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
  • We wanted a way for you to offer opt-in email for multiple free newsletters to attract prospects as well as edit and send the email on your website via a built-in autoresponder to aid in the creating of relationships.
  • We also wanted users to be able to order non-subscription products like back issues, T-Shirts, special reports and be able to subscribe to access to special data areas.
  • We want your subscribers to be able to donate to multiple causes (if appropriate).
  • We wanted the ability for subscribers to buy and download electronic products (PDF’s, software, music, etc.), and purchase recurring subscriptions (for example $17 per month for access).
  • We wanted to ability to manage email campaigns based on the subscribers’ expire date.
And we did all of that and more!
Here’s the way it works.  You receive a subscription in the mail.  It’s entered into First Edition, then at a cycle you select, the order migrates to your website via our new LynxSync.  LynxSync assigns the new subscriber a username and password which is optionally emailed to your subscriber with your welcome message. He can then log on to your web site and enjoy all the privileges mentioned in my list above.
Or, when a new subscriber subscribes from your web site (rather than through the mail), she chooses her user name and password, pays through one of our 50 plus payment gateways which is then deposited directly into your bank.  Then the new “Pending” status order migrates, via LynxSync from the web to First Edition on your desktop, where, based on your business rules, the order is imported as a new First Edition subscription (or renewal or payment or change of address).  And since new orders always migrate to the web, this new order also migrates back with its new status and expire date.  Data synchronizations can occur hourly, daily, weekly, or at any interval you want.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, we determined that a far better approach was to use an existing open source framework that lent itself to both subscriptions and custom programming.  A system that has great username/password security, exceptional content management, and offered advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  After many tests of open source frameworks like Drupal, Word Press, Zope and Joomla, we finally settled on DotNetNuke (DNN), a Microsoft based framework using Microsoft’s membership roles for security and Microsoft SQL Server as its database engine.  It’s fully programmable and has over 575,000 registered users.  As an example, TV Guide chose DotNetNuke for their website.
DNN is a world class framework, supported not only by Lynx Media, but by DNNs’ core team, user groups, online forums, resource portals and a network of companies who specialize in DNN.  DotNetNuke utilizes cutting edge technology like ASP.Net, Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL Server, and IIS.  DNN can also be easily localized for multi-language support, and hundreds of developers offer third party modules for almost any need while a huge number of talented designers offer thousands of inexpensive DNN skins (look and feel plug-ins) that can create beautiful, award winning websites. 
DNN enjoys a very active support group and hundreds of designers and programmers who specialize in DNN.  It’s powerful – allowing multiple – portals (multi-publication) from a single install.  It includes world class content management while hundreds of third party modules are also available.  These include RSS, news ticklers, document/news articles management and archiving, classified ads, events, announcements, YouTube viewers, image galleries, email/newsletter management, SEO management and marketing, , Goggle Ad Sense and Analytics, testimonials, job listings, business directories, banner management and much more.
Since management and page production is handled through a web browser, there is no need for in-house programmers or knowledge of HTML or FTP.  The management of articles can be achieved by writers in remote locations, viewable by only the editor and the writer until approved for publication.
We’ve also tested hundred of 3rd party modules and have invested in master license purchases so as to offer our clients the best of class modules as part of a Lynx Media package.  And to this, we’ve added our on Subscriber Services web programs (new orders, renewing, payments, customer service, etc.) which uses the latest technologies (such as Ajax) along with our LynxSync to keep your website and First Edition databases synchronized.
Our shopping cart supports almost any product type and includes support for recurring subscriptions, assignment of roles, and the download of electronic product.  It supports more than 50 payment gateways from Pay Pal (standard and pro) to, from 2CheckOut to Verisign Payflow, from WorldPay to Protx, as well as manual (off-line) credit card processing.  It supports unlimited ship-to addresses, with tax zones, real-time rate calculations for USPS, FedEx, Airborne, and DHL and even has customer wish lists.
All in all, we feel this is destined to be the one of the very best solutions available for publishers’ websites.  Now if you would like to take a look at a web demo, then send me an email at, or call me at 1-800-451-5969 ext 107. 


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Picture of Social bookmarks
Easily take surveys and collect information about your subscribers or use surveys results as a valuble content for readers which helps build your community.
Annoucements can be self-contained or linked to any URL or a website page. Includes publish date (when it will appear) as well as an expire date and view order.
Blogs helps you communicate personality to your community. Also it a great Search Engine Optimizing technique - Google loves blogs.
FAQ's answer your most Frequently Asked Questions - both educating your subscriber and lowering customer service calls.
File management allows you to manage your website by creating directories and uploading files.
Easily add HTML articles and news right from you website. Or paste in from your editor or MS Word. No need to learn HTML to build your website.
News content management allows you to easily create, publish and archive news articles. Allow writers to submit articles and editors to approve them for publication (allow all to see)
Easily create a newsletter or email to registered users by role.
Lynx Ecommerce is fully skinable (look and feel CSS and Images) from thousands of inexpensive skins available for Dot Net Nuke.
Skins come with multiple containers that allow you to add variety to your website.
Select some or all of dozens of social bookmarks that allow your readers to share your content with their friends.
The News Tickler scroll multiple messages.
Subscriber or member-only areas or sections are easy to define by role by page or module.


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