Tuesday, August 09, 2022
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Lynx Ecommerce is a Lynx Media hosted service.  Here are some of the features of our web hosting service Partner.

Three datacenters are utilized and located throughout the midwest United States located in Nebraska, South Dakota, and Missouri.  The facilities and locations are free from the natural disasters such as floods, hurricanes, earth quakes, and power shortages that plague other datacenters throughout the world. All servers are run from these Category 5 Datacenters - which means that the datacenter can withstand a direct hit from the worst tornadoes and still operate just fine.  Only the most reliable DELL servers with the fastest and  redundant networks, redundant hard drives, redundant power, and dual processors. Also, the RAID1 hard drives provide a 24/7 "instant mirror" backup of your data that protects against hardware failure.  If a hard drive dies, it can be replaced  without rebooting the server and without interrupting your service .  Dual processors, dual power supplies, and the network team allow the servers to keep running just fine in the event of any hardware failure.
  • 150 nightly optimizations
  • Unlimited child portals

  • Easily backup and schedule auto-backup.

  • Dedicated Application Pool

  • Unlimited bandwidth

  • Unlimited DNS records

  • Unlimited Email accounts

  • SMPT, POP3 & Webmail

  • Publish Backups to remote FTP

  • Copper and fiber access to carrier bandwidth using cable management trays throughout building.  Dual entrances into building with major carriers providing multiple CO redundancy and fiber access to primary carries

  • Four local SONET fibers provide redundant carrier\neutral fiber access (AT&T, Level 3, Qwest, and COX).   Redundant tier one internet bandwidth. Managed by Route Science Path Control

  • Network Infrastructure.  Fully redundant Carrier class Cisco core routing and switching equipment.

  • Dell servers are highly optimized for speed. Servers start with

  • 4 Gig of Ram, Dual-Gigabit Redundant Network Team,

  • Two 3ghz Dual Core HyperThreaded XEON Processors (that's 24GHZ!)  Their servers run over 24 times faster than typical servers provided by typical web hosts.  Combine that with their dual-gigabit Redundant Network Team and they're really able to push data ultra-fast.


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